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   Taizhou Sanli Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located in the national AAAA level scenic spot; known Fozong Road, Yuen, Chi Kung is known as the hometown of China's ten famous mountains - Tiantai Mountain territory. From the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed, on the first three high-speed ocean export only 2 km.

   The company has 20 years, specializes in automobile manufacturing enterprises spring composite bushings; has rich experience in production of rubber products and complementary experience in the automotive industry. Our products are mainly with the major domestic auto manufacturers supporting the spring; the annual production of various types of bushing 500 million. Rubber products by Shanghai Institute of type tests; product performance is stable and reliable quality; factory can provide production drawings; product quality and corporate standards developed by the company leaf spring bush production; also press GB/T19001-2000- ISO/TS16949: 2002 quality management system standard. The company has passed the certification.

    The company specializes in Jiangxi Isuzu, Ford Transit, Southeast Delica, Guangzhou Guangzhou, Changhe Auto, Baolong Automotive, Fukuda, Beiqi, Geely, Chongqing Hongyan and all kinds of imported cars and other manufacturers of composite bushing; cushion, shock absorbers, engine brackets and rubber parts and so on. Cooperation with foreign companies also export.    

   We insist on customer-centric approach. Lined capable personnel, management and use of science and advanced technology, proactive, steady development, never-ending pursuit of customer satisfaction; for the automotive industry to provide first-class products and services, and welcome home and abroad to visit us, together automobile industry contribute to the development.

   In order to further expand the scale and efficiency, the company intends to cooperate with other companies to share